Gothic Reformed Church in Chetfalva

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Gothic Reformed Church in Chetfalva, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine, photo 1

Founded in 1260, Chetfalva is a village of about 700 people located in the Berehove district of the Zakarpattia region, less than 1 km from the border with Hungary, about 90 km south-east of Uzhhorod.

Chetfalva is a rather unusual place, street names are in two languages: Ukrainian and Hungarian. It looks like a typical Hungarian village. Local architecture is also very distinctive. In the foreground, you see a futuristic building with a strange parabolic arch-belfry – the ensemble of the Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit built in 1998-2001. <a target=_blank href=",22.7883337,2985m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x473840d29c77ccb9:0x3735f4b694048336!2sChetfalva,+Zakarpattia+Oblast,+Ukraine,+90262!3b1!8m2!3d48.1260352!4d22.7967515!3m4!1s0x473840d23e721c15:0xff60111359c5e060!8m2!3d48.1243105!4d22.7911055" rel="noopener
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