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Not much time left till the New Year and people start to think where and how to celebrate it. Ukraine is famous for its funny and loud celebrations so it attracts a lot of foreigners. But as only a few people know the true Ukrainian New Year’s traditions, we decided to give a few tips on where and how it is better to celebrate the New Year in Ukraine.
New Year is one of the most favorite holidays of Slavic people and unlike the rest of the world here it is more important than Christmas. Typically, there are 10 official public holidays (from 1st till 10th January), so the celebration is not limited by one night. Some celebrate the New Year with friends, some with a family, there are no special rules for it (as opposed to Christmas, which is usually celebrated with family and Parents-in-God).
As for the places, again all depends on personal preferences. To those who love outdoor activities we would recommend to visit the ski resorts in western Ukraine, the most famous of which are Bukovel, Yaremche and Truskavets. In the latter, by the way, in addition you can get treatment, as one of the best mineral sources in Ukraine is situated there. Lodging is available at the hotels as well as in the colorful homes of locals, who will host you for a reasonable fee which may also include them cooking local dishes for you. Reservations are required for at least 2-3 months in advance.
For those who prefer the urban landscapes to mountains, we recommend one of the big cities. You choose whether it will be Kharkov, Donetsk, Odessa or Kiev. In each of these cities you will not be disappointed. Choosing a place of celebration may be limited only by your imagination: restaurant, nightclub, cozy home party or even a sauna (Russian “banya”). And if you do not know how it is to celebrate the New Year in the sauna you can watch a master class in the old Soviet film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”, which is on TV every year since 1975 on New Year’s Eve in Ukraine, Russia and other former Soviet countries and is a symbol of the New year. In addition to the film, there are also such symbols as New Year’s tree, which is usually get decorated a few days before the New Year and is removed only after January 14th (after the so-called Old New Year), Ded Moroz (Slavic version of Santa), his granddaughter Snegurochka, salad Olivie and herring under a fur coat, tangerines and New Year’s fireworks.
For those who will be celebrating out in the restaurant or club, you need to choose a place in advance, to book a table and make a prepayment. Payment for the celebration (in average $ 100 per person) usually includes food, drinks and a show program. Those who want to celebrate at home usually gather around the table at 11 p.m. to “follow” the outgoing year, thank for all the good that was in it. At midnight under the chime of bells and congratulations of the President all drink champagne and make wishes.
It’s worth to add that Ukrainian people are very superstitious and the New Year time is not an exception. So there are a few tips to follow on New Year: it’s good to wear something new on New Year’s Eve to attract good fortune in the upcoming year; it is believed that better to stay awake on New Year’s night not to oversleep happiness; and the main belief is with who you meet the New Year with that one you will spend it.

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