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Some ask why I started searching over seas for a potential wife, to tell the truth a friend said I should give Ukraine a try and I should go with him. being adventurous and curious about other cultures I decided to give it a try. Do to circumstances beyond my control my friend could not make the trip so I proceeded with my own plans. I did some research and had some guidance from some who have done this before. I have had experience in travel around Europe from my military days so I had some idea about foreign culture and the need to know a little of the local language. The key to being successful was having a few local contacts to help guide you along the way. I quickly learned that you can save a lot of money by having a few contacts. You can pay $15 an hour for interpreter or $7 by having a few contacts. I wound up with contacts in quite a few city’s as I traveled, I started to write them all down and keep some notes on how to get things done. After my first trip I was hooked learning the culture and exploring the country. For me it was more of a vacation and not really expecting to much from the women I met along the way. I met a few scammers and made some good friends along the way. After about a year of learning the culture and meeting the people I felt I could be successful finding a potential partner. The more I learned about the culture and way of thinking I kind of felt at home in the small city’s.

Another reason I decided to give it a try was I found that most women on local dating sites and those I met in person were lacking in skills to be a good wife. A lot of women around my age had no or very limited skills when it comes to cooking and lets face it I am not one for keeping the house clean. I also noticed most would prefer not to wear the girly clothes when we go out. I have a preference for women who are slim and feminine in appearance. I Know my shortcomings and what I need in a relationship to make it last, I also know my preferences and personality, I spent about a year soul searching and learning about me before I started to look for a potential wife. Spend a day at wal-mart looking at women who come in and how they dress, not for me. It seems to me that the girly clothes are for church or special occasion. One of the first things you notice when you travel in Europe is the sound of high heels clicking past you, If you pay attention you will also notice the men seem to dress a lot better. In most of Europe you wear clothes that fit the occasion not whats comfortable at the time.

I have quite a bit of experience meeting and dating women on the Internet. I spent four years looking for a lady to build a life with. Once I was even  interviewed and featured in business week along with my site . I started the site to help people traveling to Ukraine and give them some pointers and a few trusted contacts. To fund the site I signed up as an affiliate with a few dating agency’s ,google and Amazon. I have a web master who handles the technical side of things.

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Now for a little about how it all works. Most of the sites use a local agency’s to provide girls profiles and supply local support for which they get paid. You pay the web site for tokens or a membership then pay for translation. There are quite a few variations depending on the site. There are a few that are similar to a basic dating site where you pay a membership fee per month then you get direct contact. I have only found a few of these. If you use a site that has what is known as agency girls, you will also need to pay the local agency to meet the girl after you arrive. They make most of there money by charging you to meet the lady and selling services such as apartment, taxi, interpreter and excursions. This can be an advantage if you do not know the local language or culture. If your an experienced traveler and take the time to do some research, you can save quite a bit of money by making your own arrangements. There are plenty of places on the internet to find the services you will need and a few guides on what to pack.
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