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Aspen Pleso – Feel yourself like a real Ukrainian peasant

Many people know there are a lot of beautiful and unique places for visit in Ukraine. Many of them are old
(fortresses, churches, monasteries, museums) with rich history and unforgettable impressions after visiting them; and
many of them are new, which were founded specially in order to show our guests the culture and traditions of Ukraine,
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J.C.Semper-Travel ( jul 14, 2012 – dapoxetine. cost prednisone without insurance can you buy prednisone in spain buy medications at special internet prices ! is a muscle relaxer that is used in the treatment of muscle spasm; baclofen 20 mg abuse online us pharmacy, can buy priligy over counter – buying dapoxetine online safe . men’s health medications. online canadian pharmacy store! dapoxetine price uk . official drugstore, cheapest prices pharmacy. zoloft generic name . next day delivery, . uk. ) – an Ukrainian tourist company – would like to share information
about the new complex “Aspen Pleso”, which was made in Ukrainian style, with people who are interested in
travelling to Ukraine.

The complex was founded by two very interesting persons – Novak Igor and Zektser Pavel – almost
3 years ago. It is located on the bank of Severskiy Donets River, in an environmentally safe and
clean place – Chuguiv town, near Kharkiv city – in the hometown of the great painter Ilya Repin.

“Aspen Pleso” complex is a perfect vacation spot for families and friends!

When you come there, you will be taken into an atmosphere of quiet, peaceful life and will feel like
the real Ukrainian peasant. The idea of creating such a complex is due to genuine interest of its
founder to the Ukrainian culture and traditions. An authentic Ukrainian house-museum situated in
the territory complex, which recreates the atmosphere of life of the Ukrainian peasantry of 18th –
early 20th centuries, a unique collection of decorative arts and ceramics.
The unique authentic Ukrainian hut-mud hut completely corresponds to a life of the Ukrainian
peasants of 19th century. This is a unique museum where the exposition shows how our forefathers

The Ukrainian oven with a traditional painting reminding of those old times is situated in the centre
of the ancient house. When you see the wooden shed on complex territory it will make you feel like
doing something right away, because there are a lot of different instruments of labor, which were
earlier used for work in fields and in a garden (outdoor exposure).

Hospitable owners will recommend you to visit the real Ukrainian bath.

If you like to cook, you can bake cakes in this Ukrainian oven, which is located in the yard beside
the house. To complete your exclusive holiday you can sit under a carved wooden arbour with cane
roof, enjoy home made wine from the wine cellar and a real homemade Ukrainian cuisine.
Oven-hut, which stands in the yard, attracts a promise of outdoor cooked Kulesh-soup and
dumplings. This is how our ancestors lived!

The complex offers the following features:

– Accommodation in double and 3-bed rooms with all amenities (the price includes the use of
equipped seating areas within the complex and the river, barbecues, fishing gear);
– Half board (on request, home cooking);
– A three-level Russian bath with access to the river;
– Rent a carved pavilion up to 30 people;
– Rest on a specially equipped location near the river in the lap of pristine nature;
– Fishing (boat and gear);
– Biking and horseback riding;

You can use the full range of the complex for your rest, as well as separated parts of the complex by

You can cook shish kebab or barbecue in the oven at the courtyard, to walk to the aspen forest, to
take a boat ride, go fishing, to dine in the open air in a carved alcove and to sing karaoke.
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We are happy to welcome you! For more information you can visit the following web-site: or contact J.C.Semper-Travel to Salary increases the minnesota legislature granted requests from the minneapolis district and teachers’ union last year to renegotiate teacher realignment a

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