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My first words to write here today are to say thank you Les, John and a very famous musician called Roman.

Les, because he my Boss here at this Blog and, even though I have displayed the lazy bones these past few weeks, he still send for me the Blogging wages every 2 weeks. Les ? What I must to say to such the man ? Thank you for giving me this job and, always paying to me, even when I have not write nothing. And, even when I do write here, I wonder Les, is it really worth money ? I am so in appreciation to you for thinking that it is, please be sure ! 

John, there in Phoenix USA, because 1 day I log in to my computer and, could I believe it ? A sum of money donated to my PayPal account, it from a regular follower of my Blog, I was in joyful mood to understand that I did not ever communicate before to this man but, he read my Bloggings and, make decision in his mind he want donate some money to me, thank you John, so much. 

And not to be the last but, my dear Roman, some weeks ago he contact me through my website, asked to me if I could help him obtain contact details for Chief of Music Theatre here in Rivne, because you see Roman too lives in USA, his parents were very famous Ukrainian performers before they go to live in USA much years ago. Roman play the Piano, all over this world. He play in Ukraine theatres much times but, he lose the contacts of the people here, and didn’t play his Piano here in some years so, he ask to me for the assistance.

It Roman, somewhere in this world !

I was able to locate details of exact Chief Roman needed to arrange Piano performance here in Rivne next May. He was so pleased with me he send to me, can you believe it ? $100 to the Western Union, it 200 Grivnas more than my whole month salary. Even the woman at Western Union Office display the jealousy to me when she count out this money and placed in to my hand, well, I understand her, because she also will not get the $100 wages for this job that she engaged upon ! 

I know it, but you didn't look me cough after this !

So, this was the month, the glorious month of May, now coming to its close, that I felt myself the richest girl in my city. I understand it not good image of me to speak about money and, I try not to do such, because I write Blog at first for love of the writing, and not to attract readers only that might or might not send for me donation or employ me in some way. But this month truly was not of the ordinary for me and my purse so, I wanted to cast aside my rule of hush about finance and write about these kind men, who I have not ever meet in the real life, yet they each have done something they did not need do, they are not entered in to obligation with me of any kind.

Do you look which 1 is me ?

Les could of given to me the sack a few weeks past for me not keeping to our agreement and writing for him here at this Blog. And should he wish to replace me with another Ukrainian girl writer, I believe it would not be so difficult for him, he would find easily, girl will write for the wages that Les give to me every 2 weeks, it of the certainty ! 

John could of continue reading my Blog in silence, I never knowing he there in existence, he needed not ever raise up, say hello to me with a donation of his hard obtained money from wallet. 

And Roman ? $100 ? For the little I did ? And only yesterday he send for me new email letter, with, the new assignment, and I will for sure do my best once more, because I feel I owe this to him.

L'viv - My friends House

And, what of you ? Do you prepare for the June ? You know the weather here in my nation has been super, rain only a few times, no more cold or angry winds, mostly hot hot hot. Our girls, including me, have now shed the large coats, the gloves and scarves that saved our lives during the ice age we endured here for over 4 months, now we wear the female clothes, and our various shapes become visible once again ! 

And where you are ? Maybe soon you will be of the mind to maybe visit Ukraine ? I believe you will for sure enjoy a happy summer rest here. And if you have never come in Ukraine before, you surely will not forget us after you return to your nation, this of the certainty !!!! We do not pretend to cater for the tastes of all people from all over this globe, I believe Ukraine is not to the taste of much foreign peoples but, we are who we are, we do not pretend to be other, for just as people are the individual, so too each nation, and I know exactly that there is no other nation in this world as Ukraine !

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I spent a few days in L’viv recently, I said you about it in my last Blog here but, my foto’s I made in L’viv did not look so good quality when I looked them on computer so, I had to wait for 1 my friends to take off her stick, then load to her computer then send to me on email letter. There is only a few foto’s, 1 you can see I am take the cigarette ! You know, I didn’t do the smoking for much time, not since I at the Institute but, I was with my friends and I had a little money inside of the pocket [thanks to my men I said you about above] so, I buy the box of cigarettes. I believe if I go to my handbag now and look in to it, there I will find the same box, with maybe 15 cigarettes still present inside it.

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Me and Friends

Also I will say you thanks for staying with me, I know I do not write in a few weeks but, even so, I am always here, just a little busy sometimes, and I work full time at the job too, but I am here, and I do not ever intend to leave you, my wonderful, understanding and supportive of me readers. You know my Blog has almost had the 10,000 visitors since I begin it in March only ! Wow, I am in a shock at such the amount, thank you. 

And of course, you can always write me, because even when time is not my friend to spend it writing Blog, I still look my Blogs, my Website and my email too, everyday when my time permits ! 

I have to, its how I get by, with a little help from my FRIENDS !!!!! 

Until next time….. 

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Sincerely yours, 


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