Glad To See The Back Of Me ?

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So, how are you ? And I wonder how your weekend has been for you ? 

And the weather where you live ? I hope it is super for you, like here in Ukraine, well, most days anyway. 

As for me ? Well, today I arrived back from L’viv, this the beautiful and historic city in the West of Ukraine. My friends of 2 girls and 1 boy asked me over 1 week ago if I wanted go with them, and I only answered to them on Friday morning just passed that I would. 

We went to a house, sat around chattering, someone prepared some food [bread & sausage] we drank a little and, mostly just socialised until Disco was ready to allow enter for people, we went at 22.45. It was ok but, the musika was not for me, nor 1 my friends, it was the ‘Electonic’ musika, and we like the RnB, also good Disco songs.

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Glad to see the back of me ?

Before we boarded Train to come back in Rivne I wanted go in McDonalds, but 1 my friends said me she could never eat such, so, a small Café in L’viv centre it was for us. If you was in L’viv at this time maybe you looked us ? If so, I am for sure disappoint that you did not say me hello :-) 

I took some foto’s and soon I will make them better to look from my computer image viewer and I will put them up on Blog for you to look if you want to. 

And, I see on 1 my foot bottoms this morning I have the sore region, this I know caused by the shoe, it always does such to my foot if I walk much, I know it will happen but still I walk in them, and they my favourite shoes I own. 

Oh, on Friday after job it was the giant rush to get to Rivne Railroad station and board Train bound for L’viv with my people. My fault because I did not give to them my answer that I would accompany them until Friday morning, so they could not make their voyage to L’viv until I said them my intentions. Anyway, as we were engaged upon the giant rush to Railroad Station my girlfriend almost running behind of me trying to stay with my speed took out her telephone and made foto of me, why ? it the mystery, but, it such the odd thing to do, and odd foto with no purpose that I thought I would put it here for you to look, and I know you will agree with me that my friend will never become the fotoshoot professional, not if making such the foto’s at this. 

Well, I will begin working now on foto’s I made in L’viv, crop, lighten etc and I will put them on to Blog once I am happy with them so, stay tuned…….. 

Oh, and do not be afraid to say me how YOUR weekend has been for you ! 

Sincerely yours, 


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