”We Won Together”

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So, I wonder how your holiday these past few days has been ? Do you celebrate Mama’s Day today, as we do ?

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Here in Ukraine we also celebrated Victory Day, The Great Patriotic War of War 2, as many other nations did. It the 65th anniversary of end of War 2 in Europe.

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Victory Day

USA troops have walked, side by side, with Russian soldiers in Moscow, with pride and honour, and with saddened thoughts of their fallen comrades from many years past. Soviet Union and the West, enemies for so long, in so many things, were allies in fighting the Nazis. Moscow’s slogan, displayed through the city, and in other regions of Russia to…….”We Won Together”

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Victory Day

Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Union with the intent to annihilate it. Loss of life was so much – about 27 million Soviet people lost the life, half of them the civilian peoples. 13 million Soviet soldiers lost the life, millions from Ukraine. People believe that in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, practically in every family someone was killed in war 2.

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A war against other nations over some ideology is terrible enough, but why those Nazi’s so evil and cruel ? Here, maybe as in your nation also, death occurred in residential areas as well as on the battlefield. Nazi Germans bombed and set fire to thousands of cities and villages here, often with residents still inside. They hanged our people, and left their bodies dangling on our apartment buildings.

They burned our crops and livestock and confiscated food from our homes. Our people ground up tree bark and boiled weeds to survive, and many died of starvation. Hunger persisted after war’s end.

This weekend, we celebrate the victory against such evil that can be present within certain human beings. Such evil amongst us must always be defeated.

And this weekend we not only celebrate, we remember, reflect, and, I believe just as important, educate our younger peoples of what once occurred in our world, and how it can so easily be born again, unnoticed at first, quietly going about its business of growing, as the foul stinging nettle that 1 day goes from harmless seed in earth, to the 2 metre monster, stinging anything that dares cross it path, and breeding like the wild fire.

Yes, it’s Victory Day for sure, as for me.

Until next time……..

Sincerely yours,

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