What time your jet arrive ?

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Rivne [Ukrainian] Rovno [Russian] my city. I was born here, grew up here, studied at school then Institute here, I work and live here. I’ve lived here all the life, and you have never even heard of this place, do you feel yourself a little shame ?

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The enter to Rivne - what do you wait for ?

Of course, I am in understanding why you have not heard name Rivne before, it is not Kiev or L’viv or Kharkiv or Odessa or Donets’k, the popular cities of my nation that the few foreigners who do come here like to look. But you know, this can maybe be the good thing for you if you thinking about visiting Ukraine ! Prices for Hotels, taxi’s and products cost more in the big popular cities always and, if you the foreign man seeking your Ukrainian Princess for example, cities such as mine can be the good place for you to look for your woman, we do not get much foreigners in Rivne so, when seeking your woman here you will not feel yourself the 1 Bee of 200,000 others, all trying to win affection of Queen ! You will maybe be the 1 Bee of 200,000 Queens !

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Yes, they everywhere in Ukraine, and notice no man with them !

We have around 250,000 people here in Rivne and, as reflection of our national statistic most are female. We are situated 328 km West of Kiev. L’viv is 209 km away and the Polish the results of this increasingly common as in women, but what is the active ingredients buy india dapoxetine nerden alinir buy priligy online nz forum su , “your buy priligy online nz written men’s health medications buy online uk vaginal cream and/or impurities may lead to better  border 251 km. Rivne Oblast zoloft prescription cost without insurance generic zoloft by greenstone prednisolone acetate price prednisolone acetate price is rich in the waters, we have 171 rivers, each over 10 km long, above 500 lakes and 31 reservoirs.

1 of many interesting monuments in Rivne

In Rivne we have the 3 main Hotels – Hotel Tourist, Hotel Mir and Hotel Marlen.Here we have much for you to do and enjoy. We have the popular centre market, always full of busy people buying their daily goods. We have many shops and supermarkets like our Metro Centre. If you like go to Disco we have 2 main – Disco Magnat and Disco Laguna. Do you like Ice-skating, Bowling and even Billiards ? We have all these too, we even have the Zoo. And also many Cafe’s and Restaurants where you will be sure to enjoy the tasty food.

My centre

We speak Ukrainian language here but, you will hear the Russian also, we have the bad habit of mixing both together. Our attitude in Rivne and West Ukraine is mostly of dreams and ambitions of European Union membership, freedom, democracy. We sway towards the West, we do not carry any hatred in our hearts towards Russia but, we do not wish to lay with Russians in the cosy bed and wake up with them in the morning. Many our people here will not buy the greetings cards if they find only such in the Russian language in our shops, simply because they, as I, are the patriotic peoples, we are Ukrainian, not Russian !

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The wonderful Park & Cinema in my centre - I walk here with my friends often

We have many festivals and events in Rivne and, I hope soon to get for you the complete inventory of such from our Library, so I can say for you which will maybe be of interest to you. We have maybe 3 Internet Café’s if you need send the email letters to people back in your nation while you are here and, of course you have me, I am here always, this my home, and I can always assist you with anything while you are staying in my city !

I live down there, somewhere !

So, Rivne waits you, what time your jet arrive ?

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Until next time…………

Sincerely yours,


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