To caption or not to caption – THAT is the question !

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Hello, from Ukraine.

This is now CLOSED.

I will be very glad if you will care to enter my competition I create.

After 1 week on May 4 I will write new Blog Post with all comments and names then ask people to kindly vote for the best/funniest comment. Then, after 3 days I will close voting. On this day I will send by email letter this winners certificate to you if you the winner, and it will be in the full size so, you may put in to framework and on to your wall or, use as the toilet paper, as you wish !

Somebody is going to win this, but will it be you ?

So, I say you good luck and happy commenting.

I begin captions with my own, I look forward very much to looking yours.



Rivne – UKR.

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Add your funny caption

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