That Old Devil Called Love !

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I know about my nations reputation, Russia and other former Soviet Union nations too, that we, here in the East of the globe, produce perhaps the most stunning looking girls on this earth, and millions and millions of them. And the term ‘Mail Order Bride’ is much times associated with us.

Here I want to say you what is true and, what is not. If you are the foreign man seeking the life companion from my nation, then this maybe of the interest to you !

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I will say you also that I do not operate the dating agency, I do not arrange meetings between Ukraine girls and foreign men, and I have never done such. I say you this information so you understand me, that I do not need paint picture for you that is simply not true, but designed for you to believe in order that you will spend your money, I require no money from you, as I am not here selling anything !

Ukraine population is around 47 million people, yet we are the largest nation in Europe if we do not think about Russia. Our capital Kiev has around 3 million people. Most people in Ukraine are female. Overt feminism has not taken hold here, therefore our girls are considered to be traditional in their thinking and attitude, this, for the most part, is true. Our younger generation, including me, look Internet much and fashion magazines and Television, we see the West, we know about modern fashionable things and the music and culture. Our girls place importance upon education; many have at least 1 Diplom, much have the Degree. We seek the career, the better salary, as girls in the West but, much our girls, when you really speak with them, really just prefer meet her right man and marry, start the family, by age 20 to 22 years. I, still unmarried at 27 years for example, am considered here to be in the danger of becoming the lonely Babushka [grandmother]

Our men are mixed, the older generation, the older attitude to women, and this is not always good attitude from some our men. Our younger boys more fashionable. Main problem for our men who want create the happy family with girl is money, jobs in Ukraine are not plentiful, and are low paid. Average monthly salary in Ukraine is around $140 a month. Prices for goods and rent, light, water etc rising here almost every month, especially since world crisis began.

So, do all our women dream of relations with the foreign man ? No, I say you truth. Do some our women dream of such ? Yes, absolutely. Many our younger generation girls have studied the English language; they may not be perfect in it, as I am not but, they can communicate with you in English. Foreigners that come here to Ukraine are viewed as different to us, interesting, travelled and knowledgeable. This gives to you the advantage over our natural men so, you must use this well and do not abuse ! Please do not ever believe that to simply speak English here, or any other foreign language, or to merely display your foreign passport or, maybe even worse to spread the money around will win to you the heart of a beautiful Ukrainian Princess, I can say you that it of the high un likeliness that it will, instead more probable that you will return to your nation with pain in your heart, and nothing else in wallet but a thousand receipts for goods and nights out that you paid for !

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You must understand that our girls also maybe afraid the foreigner, even if she likes you, you may not know about it. Much our women have been taken by foreign man overseas to work in the sex industry, cheated by bandits saying them they will be working in Hotel, or Office, or somewhere other, with good wages, then, passport taken from them, they thrown into the dark room of flat in backstreet in a foreign nation thousands of Kilometres from Ukraine, and become pleasure object for endless foreign men is their new career. All our people know the stories, know the dangers, all big world organisations who have interest in such matters know about this problem for Ukraine’s girls so, now you know too, and now you will do much to reassure the girl who does show the romantic interest in you, yes ?

Treat the Ukraine girl of interest to you with respect if she is genuine girl, if she is the scammer you will know about it soon enough, genuine Ukraine girl maybe has less money and worldly possessions than the scammer girl, but you will never know about it, for the genuine Ukraine girl who’s interested in you will never reveal this information you to, she will never ask for you to give to her money or buy for her the gifts !

And, be yourself, and, be realistic, our girls here who have the 18 years, the long legs, perfect configuration and stunning face, of which we have millions here in Ukraine, do not yet think of marry, leave Ukraine, and be a mama to the football team of children, they think of all the normal things girls of this age think about all over this world ! And, even those that begin think about serious relations with a man will not enter into such relations with the man who has 50 years, for example, so, I say you again, please be realistic, our women of maybe 25 years and older will enter into relations with man older than them, 10 years older, 15 years older maybe, it not so important here as maybe in the West, as long as that old Devil called Love is present between you, all is possible !

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So, what do you wait for ? Ukraine waits you, and, now you have some new information about us, you will be sure to begin your visit to Ukraine with the better mind !

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I hope you have found my information to you of some use, if you did then its good, if you didn’t then I say you sorry, but, at least it was free :-)

Until next time………..

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Sincerely yours,



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  1. Comment by Carlos:

    You forgot to say that \Men love with their eyes, women with their ears.\

    Just stopped by to say Privet.

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