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500 tons of ash blasted in to the air every second. Lasers and satellites tracking the ash cloud. 40,000 Americans stranded in the United Kingdom. British Airways losing 20 million GBP a day, together airline companies across the globe losing 130 million a day. Farmers in Iceland trying to protect their animals from inhaling residue that can corrode intestines. Navy and Military personnel affected. Air travellers stranded around the world, many planned holidays and trips cancelled. Exam timetables could be readjusted to help pupils stranded overseas by flight cancellations, some school closures already. A child’s vital bone marrow transplant operation delayed. buy , wie lange dauert eine amoxicillin allergie, amoxicillin uses for skin. Sporting events around the world have had to be adjusted.

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A silver lining ?

However, scientists say us that the ash cloud will cause a fall in the world’s carbon emissions, believed to be responsible for global warming.

So, it really does look like every cloud has a ‘silver lining’ !

At least it costs a fraction of the price of a high-quality lens still a

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