Hello from Ukraine !

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I wish to say that it the great honour for me to be invited to write Blog for this website. 

Your mind maybe ask the question: “who is she – why she here – what she want from me” ? 

Please be sure, I am the normal Ukrainian girl. I have 27 years and I studied the English language at Institute. During daytime hours I work as secretary at Education Department in my city. In evening I do normal things as of a girl of my age, including write, I love to write, and, to read also. 

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I am here to help you with information about my wonderful nation Ukraine, maybe you have questions about it, maybe some fears even, maybe you require information about something specific. And as for “what she want from me” ? I say you simply, nothing, so please, do not be afraid ! 

And, what of you ? I assume you the foreign person ? Maybe Westerner ? Or other ? Most people that come in Ukraine are Western men, is this you ? Do you come in Ukraine on the Business ? Maybe as tourist and you like look our beautiful Carpathian Mountains ? Have you been to our Crimea region, Black Sea ? Have you looked any of our cities ? Ukraine capital Kiev ? L’viv ? Odessa ? Kharkiv in Eastern region maybe ? Kherson ? 

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Maybe you seek your beautiful and traditional Ukrainian Princess ? You know, here in Ukraine we say “In Ukraine, all is possible” ! 

In future Posts to this my Blog I hope to explain you about things in Ukraine that maybe cause the confusion for you or cause the question…..Why is Russian advair diskus price at walmart cheap advair diskus and Ukrainian languages  spoken and written in Ukraine – In what regions will you hear only Ukrainian language, what regions only Russian – What is the attitude of Ukrainian people to foreigners – How difficult is it to learn Ukrainian or Russian, and is it worth it – Do Ukrainian girls really seek a foreign man for relations – etc.

And, if you have the specific question to me, please send it for me through the ‘contact us’ of this website and I will be glad to try give answer to you if I can, maybe you even get the honourable mention in my next Blog, remember what we say “all is possible” ! 

So, until next time…… 

Sincerely yours,


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Rivne [Rovno] UA. 

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