Dating in Ukraine.

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I was reading some news about Ukraine and I found this of some interest.

If you aren’t finding the right woman, maybe you are looking in all the wrong places.

I was deeply angered by Georg Nurakhmetov’s column in the March 5 issue of the cheap prednisone 20mg prednisone online purchase , headlined “Many Ukrainian women need to take closer look at themselves.” I’m a Ukrainian girl, and am proud of it because there are many foreigners and Ukrainians who consider Ukrainian girls the most beautiful in the world.

I want to write a little about myself and other Ukrainian women to make the picture more complete. I work for a foreign company and am in my last year at a university. It won’t, however, be the last year of my education. At the same time, I do sports and charity events. As a woman, I find the time to look attractive. As Anton Chekhov once put it: “Everything has to be perfect in a human being – face, and clothes, and soul, and thoughts.”

Dear men, can you now tell me what your bravest dating idea is? What way do you choose to court? Look at yourselves. Are you often lazy? Are flowers and a luxury restaurant the height of your potential? If the answer is yes, I would advise you to not even look at Ukrainian women, and go off looking somewhere in Africa for a tit-for-tat kind of date. Don’t try to live under the illusion that the girl who is dancing with you all night, drinking cocktails and vodka with you, smoking and hanging out with you will one day turn out to be the amazing, caring mother of your children. It’s not going to be the case.

Take the time to ask yourself how often a business-minded, intelligent, aristocratic and well-mannered woman would hang out at nightclubs. This might come as a surprise to you, but a nightclub is not a terribly good place to find a mate for life. So how can you find that worthy girl if you’re hanging out all night and sleeping all day? Have you even been to the theater or a museum in Kyiv?

Nurakhmetov mentioned money in his column, so I will retort. Money, of course, often draws out the worst qualities in people. They rarely stay the same when they suddenly get rich. Money is certainly not the most important thing. But would you think about indestructible eternal love if your children had nothing to eat? It is in women’s blood to look for a strong male, it’s biological, and these days strength is not just in muscles. We need to feel that someone cares for us, and this someone is not expected to be as fat as a balloon and ill-mannered.

As far as makeup and clothes go, here is a question: if it’s as unimportant as you want to make it sound, why is the fashion industry worth billions of dollars? After all, this is one industry that is not just concerned with the beauty of the soul.

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