Yushchenko intends to be President of Ukraine for Life

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I think he had his chance and made a bit of a mess of it. The best bit though is that he still insists on being referred to as President! Apparently he states that the title is for life. So does that mean that his predecessor/sumbag Kuchma should also be referred to as president then?

Yanukovych’s closest ally at the time of his election was of course Tymoshenko, who he fought tooth and nail with throughout his time as president. She at least had tried to implement some of his more practical ideas and policies, which of course she was thanked for in the long run by beeing booted out of her role as Prime Minister. At least she won’t be leaving politics anytime soon mind you.

As well as having the gaul to be referred to as president still he also intends heading up a new political party. Personally I find the fact that he wants to keep the luxurious state residence he occupied as president as the most appauling though. He had his chance to run the country, I now hope he bows down and buggers off.

Lastly… I had considered putting a photo of Yushenko in this post; but quite frankly Tymoshenko is a lot more attractive… 😛 It must do so, the company says, to satisfy educators’ appetite for evidence that has the added credibility of an independent analysis and goes beyond an anecdotal advertising pitch a


  1. Comment by SaxMan:

    Nice! And why not?!

  2. Comment by Carlos:

    Just a simple question, do you live in Ukraine? First, I believe you are talking about Yushenko. Second, I know this is a blog, but it is not nice to go repeating rumors especially when you are calling people names. That is not a very nice thing to do when you are NOT a citizen of that country. Third, if you would have spent some time reading some of the most up-to-date news sources from the country like Ukrainkaya Pravda or Zerkalo Nedeli, then you can blog about something you know. That is if you are interested in learning how the oligarchs rob the country blindly, including Blondie (Tymo). So why not file this under “Fantasy” instead of “Politics?”

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