What’s the difference between British, Russian and Ukrainian Builders?

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Not really a joke – even though the title sounds like one…

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  • Russian builders (if they turn up) will get drunk on vodka and steal anything they can.
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  • Ukrainian builders aren’t bad apparently..

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  • Lets not forget German builders as everyone knows they are the best

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Looking out of our window on this amazingly sunny morning (which just seems strange as there was a mahoosively
heavy rain of snow just a few days ago) we noticed some builders digging a rather large hole outside (no idea
why they need such a large hole in such a strange place however)

My better half mentioned some guy from Moscow who recently(ish) got fined for using non-Russian workers, and no… they weren’t polish! (which seems to crop up anytime people mention british workers these days). They were a combination
of Ukrainian and Moldovan. A few weeks later he was found to be using the same workers again. When asked why he simply said that “it’s cheaper”. It seems that as well as actually getting the job done, they don’t get drunk or steal anything! :)

Oh, i spoke to soon… they seem to have stopped working. Maybe they’ve all gone for a drink?

(Shamelessly stolen from my old blog from April 2nd 2009) a

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