They’re worried? Obama to meet Yanukovyk

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As long as Obama has a teleprompter they might be right but without it they’re on even ground.

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It’s what just about every Ukrainian is dreading – the bumbling oaf who is now the country’s president meeting with the intelligent and articulate president of the US. But it’s going to happen on 12 April as Yanukovych heads to America to meet with Obama for the very first time.
During the visit he will also meet with US Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and directors of the World Bank and the IMF, and it’s a worry how he will represent Ukraine in any of these meetings, but most worryingly of all is how he will come across in a meeting with Obama.

Hopefully Yanukovych, or at least those controlling him, will have the sense to put a wire on him so they can feed him answers during the meeting, otherwise you might end up with embarrassing pauses as the big buffoon struggles to get his brain working, just as he did in a TV interview after his trip to Europe where it took him a long time to remember the name of a country he wanted to compare to South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which was… Eh… Hmm… Oh yeah, Kosovo.

I guess they only know the teleprompter Obama. Modzeleski’s staff is now assembling a panel of experts that will identify specific programs with proven records of reducing drug use and thwarting violence among young people a


  1. Comment by Carlos:

    Oh, I’m assuming that W was blinding you by his intelligence, eh? What now? Palin will carry the “torch” for you?

  2. Comment by bowhunter:

    Sorry Carlos this is not about American politics, I will tell you none of the thieves and liars in Washington impress me.

  3. Comment by Carlos:

    At least we agree on something then.

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